The corporate documentary is one of the most effective ways to highlight social behavior. Today's tech savvy consumers have become accustomed to documenting their lives and sharing their experiences almost instantly with friends through youtube, facebook, and twitter. We partner with our subjects to build on their own ideas creating colorful, in-depth profiles directly from the consumer mind-set. The result is newfound insights attractively presented in a cinematic form giving our clients a competitive edge in disseminating their message to the world.

We approach our personal documentary films the same way we approach our corporate projects. We make great documentaries because we love people. We love characters. We find subjects who have exaggerated personalities and charisma. Imagine a sports documentary on the ESPN announcers narrated by the announcers themselves, or a nature show that profiles the nation's most talented domestic pets and backyard creatures with the same intensity as a National Geographic special. How about a quirky account of a bus ride across the country told by two "blue hairs" from Iowa en route to Los Angeles to see an episode of The Price Is Right taped.

We are currently producing a full-length documentary that tracked three members of the Canadian Women's Bobsleigh team on their quest for gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler BC. Canada took Gold and Silver!!!